Columbia University (Columbia University or just "Columbia") is a private University located in Manhattan, New York City (United States). Founded in 1754, it is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the United States and is part of the Group of eight prestigious universities of the Ivy League. With more than 80 laureates among its alumni and academic, she arrived in head the list of holders of the Nobel Prize from American universities.

Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King's College by a Charter from the King of England, George II. It is the oldest institution of higher education in the State of New York. At its Foundation, a controversy opposed Presbyterians Anglicans. For Anglicans, the University should be clearly linked to the colonial church. The Presidency should be attributed to an Anglican and church services to comply with the Anglican liturgy. Presbyterians refused this institutional linkage fearing that it will become a place of Anglican proselytism.

In July 1754, Samuel Johnson (1696-1772), philosopher and educator, gives his first lessons in the new school next to Trinity Church, located on the current Broadway Manhattan. It was then those eight students in the class. En1767, King's College ("College of the King") established the first school of medicine in the United States. The war of American independence causes the interruption of education for eight years.

In 1784, after the war of independence, the institution found its activity and was renamed Columbia College in honor of independence. During its first years of existence, students as prestigious as Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Governor Morris, and Robert R. Livingston attended the schools of Columbia.

In 1849, the college moved from Park Place to 49th Street and Madison Avenue, where it remained for 50 years. The Law Department is based en1858. The first school of mines of the country, ancestor of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science was established in 1864. School of Medicine (1891) and the masters (1893) followed.

In 1896, the campus changed again name to "Columbia University in the City of New York ' in order to differentiate the institution undergraduate (dating from the Foundation) of the University as a whole. Indeed, it included at the time, in addition to Columbia College, an undergraduate school (short cycle of studies) engineering and graduate courses (long course) in science, engineering, medicine, law, education, commerce, political science and philosophy. At the same time, the campus changes location and attaches in the Morningside Heights neighborhood.

In 1893 the Columbia University Press are based and its most prestigious publications include the Columbia Encyclopedia (1935), and laColumbia Lippincott Gazetteer of the World (1952).

In 1902, New York press magnate Joseph Pulitzer is don a large sum of money at the University that is based a journalism school, which was founded in 1912 (Graduate School of Journalism). The school of journalism has since the Pulitzer Prize.

From 1948 to 1953, Dwight Eisenhower was president of the University before becoming president of the United States.

Columbia University is today internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious universities and its integration by students is one of the most selective in the country. The campus occupies six blocks and covers environ132 m2 in Morningside Heights, a Northern District of Manhattan. There is another campus of the University more in the North, for medicine, in the island of Washington Heights. Columbia is the third largest landowner in New York after the municipality and the Roman Catholic Church. She is also one of the largest employers in Manhattan.

Today, the official name of the University is always Columbia University in the City of New York, administered by The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York. Its undergraduate courses are Columbia College (CC), the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), and the School of General Studies (GS). Columbia has a very large number of graduate courses (accessible after a cycle studies undergraduate), the most famous being the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (training of physicians and Surgeons), the Graduate School of Journalism (School of journalism), the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (School of architecture), the Graduate School of Business or Columbia Business School (business school)the School of International and Public Affairs or SIPA (School of political science and international relations), and Columbia Law School (law school that ranked in the top five universities of law in the United States).

Columbia University

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Small business insurance policies vehicle

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Pet Health Insurance in the United States

There's nothing stunning that Yale University is the rationale to firmly be pleased with enter here merely the most beneficial students from all within the world by making an international and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
With over three hundred united nation’s monitors. The unarmed years of Yale University, in recent years beats records in accepting foreign students. Authorities of one's university rely upon the meeting in its-in Connecticut-school, cream of intellectuals from all within the world. So, the facility of Yale uses a policy, that offers the exact money support to firmly students and visitors coming from the United States

discover the history of one's university

the third oldest university within the us was founded in 1701. And get an era of 3 centuries of its students, alumni and lecturers have worked onerous to firmly Yale gained the rank of one among the most beneficial universities of one's world, leading within the ratings guidelines. Further prestige for membership within the so-called bluszczowej league, an elite cluster of one's prime eight universities. Interestingly, the name of one's college comes from elihu Yale, founder of one's initial college. At Yale University studying currently virtually 17 thousand individuals and despite the fact that science is free to firmly college budget reaches $ 20 billion.

Endless possibilities

Yale library and its branches contain as numerous as 12 million volumes. Concerning studying at this purpose I believe everybody dreams. Not merely as a result of I studied here between another bill Clinton, George bush and Jodie foster. Among the graduates of Yale University can be home to firmly several Nobel laureates and winners of one's prestigious Pulitzer prizes. American university offers characteristic system 4 years of study the very first few level to firmly any of one's 17 selected directions that may be specified merely within the second year. Admission to firmly school is synonymous with the value of learning a student from the university. This capability offers merely Yale, as a result of Harvard and California need horrendous sums reaching up to firmly 200 thousand per year.

How to firmly elevate to a student

the key to firmly the door of one's Yale universities fluency in English; however this can be not enough. There’s no secret in America could study merely the most beneficial. Recruitment criteria need a list of reviews from one last category of high school, the very first few 2 high schools, takes the commonplace exams in English and math, to firmly write an essay concerning myself, and even letters from teacher’s recommender extracurricular activities. Barely thus I get at Yale to firmly have a large reason to firmly be pleased with, and raised my head to don on his chest the university motto: light-weight and truth.

University of Yale

The University of Massachusetts referred to as state university system of one's commonwealth of Massachusetts and consists of one's largely independently operating locations in Amherst, Boston, Dartmouth and Lowell and also the university of Massachusetts medical faculty in Worcester.

The abbreviation of umass is designed differently depending upon the zusammenenhang : it is that the official abbreviation of one's name university of Massachusetts upon the one hand and might well be described ensuring that the overall system of universities. Additionally in connection along with the place names of one's individual sites university of Massachusetts is usually abbreviated out to umass (an example would be umass Amherst, umass Boston). Used the name umass place while not a concrete web site as well as whole system can be that depending upon the context meant.

In everyday parlance, umass is named other then merely the university in Amherst; this language is maintained even at different umass sites an example would be in Boston. the university name the least bit locations except Amherst is really each as umass web site ( an example would be umass Dartmouth ) abbreviated as additionally out to initial of one's web site ( an example would be umd ) ; with the medical faculty in Worcester accordingly umass medical faculty or umms spoken by. By way of example, students in Boston due to university usually speak being a mod, in distinction out to umass (= umass Amherst). Merely in Amherst university merely as umass or umass Amherst isn't referred to as, uma

University Of Massachusetts

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Flood Insurance

The Canadian Centre on substance abuse (FCTC) and the University of Saskatchewan formalized an opportunity to enhance their respective roles and effectiveness by signing a memorandum of understanding on September 25, 2007, Protocol which has been renewed for another three years on September 22, 2010.

It is widely recognized that substance abuse and addictions have a negative impact on health and on the social and economic well-being of Canadians, and that effective partnerships between educational and non-governmental institutions can contribute to the development of research, policies and programs of advanced to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs.

The FCTC and the University of Saskatchewan have the opportunity to enhance their respective roles and effectiveness through a cooperation agreement that brings together the unique strengths of each organization. Under its provincial action plan against substance abuse, the Saskatchewan Government has created a Research Chair in substance abuse at the University of Saskatchewan to help increase knowledge about alcohol and drug problems and how best to treat them. The agreement between the FCTC and the University of Saskatchewan sets a link between academic excellence and the addictions field.

Highlights to date

Current and ongoing collaborations

The University of Saskatchewan sits on the Ethics Committee of the issues of substance 2013 of the FCTC conference.
The University of Saskatchewan is a pilot site for the community network Canadian of epidemiology of drug use (CCENDU) piloted by the FCTC.
The FCTC provides advice to officials of an initiative, called what’s Your Cap? Led by students from the University of Saskatchewan on the timing of alcohol on college campuses.
In June 2010, a collaboration between the FCTC, the University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary, the University of Regina and other community partners has received research funding from the Alberta Research Centre on children, the family and the community for a two year project on the role of equine therapy in the treatment of the abuse of volatile solvents among Aboriginal youth. In 2011, a report, A Healing Space: The Experiences of First Nations and Inuit Youth with Equine - Assisted Learning, were made public. In conjunction with this project, Randy Duncan received in 2011 to 2013 a postdoctoral fellowship from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation to create a culturally appropriate tool to evaluate the effectiveness of equine therapy among first nation’s youth.
The Centre of excellence in BC. for women's health, the FCTC, the University of Saskatchewan and the University of the South of the Australia looking to better understand the role of sex, gender and diversity in substance use and dependence by offering a virtual community of practitioners to the national framework for action to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs and substances in the Canada; the document apply on sex, gender and diversity analysis to the national framework for action to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drugs and substances in the Canada has also produced under this project. The ability to create a second virtual community is envisaged.
The FCTC sits on the Advisory Committee of the STREAM team (Saskatchewan Team for Research and Evaluation of Addictions Treatment and Mental Health Services), which is run by the University of Saskatchewan. Clear links are forged between the manual of the FCTC on systemic approach and an evaluation manual created by the STREAM team, which will be ready in April 2013.
The University of Saskatchewan is a member of several advisory groups driven by the FCTC:
National Advisory Group on the prevention of drug abuse among young people
Advisory Committee on the national strategy on alcohol
Steering Committee of the national strategy on treatment
Advisory Group on national guidelines for consumption of alcohol at low risk (Chair)
Advisory Committee and project on brief intervention and orientation team
A project of community-based Aboriginal women consuming drugs that were in conflict with the law and the role of the identity of the self healing research is funded by the Canada health research institutes and led by the University of Saskatchewan in partnership with the FCTC and national indigenous Foundation (NNAPF) Addictions Partnership. This project examines the role of identity and prejudices in gueriso paths

University Of Saskatchewan

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